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Local or national political leader

  • Local or national political leader
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  • Healthcare professional
  • Someone interested in your own health

Local or national political leader

You can make epidemic awareness one of your priorities. Be sure your public health team is keeping you informed of the epidemic risks they are confronting. Ask them what actions they are taking to prevent, detect, and respond to threats. How they are assessing their own readiness? Do they have the resources they need to protect the people for whom you’re responsible?

Business leader

Ask yourself and your executive team: Do we have the strategy we need to keep our business in business through a global pandemic? What is our plan to keep our staff safe? How can we apply our expertise and capacity to combat epidemics and support our stakeholders?


Can you teach or study subjects having to do with epidemic prevention and response? Can you connect your work to the full landscape of knowledge, experience, and innovation that affects our epidemic and pandemic readiness?

Healthcare professional

Are you fully informed about epidemic threats like influenza, Zika, or new pathogens? Are you able to answer questions and talk about the benefits of childhood and adult immunizations with patients and families? Are you able to guide them to reliable sources of information and to thoughtfully separate false from real claims? Do you practice what you preach by getting an annual flu shot and being vigilant when traveling?

Someone interested in your own health

The health of your family and friends, or the health of future generations, do you know how to protect against infectious diseases with good personal hygiene, immunization, clean water, safe food, and a healthy local environment? Are you aware of the resources available in your community for epidemic and pandemic prevention and preparedness? Do you know if your community and your nation are taking necessary action to keep yousafe from infectious disease threats? Do you know where to turn if you’re interesting in supporting action to end epidemics?

Wherever you are, joining the movement to combat infectious disease threats will put you in good company. The necessity and capacity to end epidemics has attracted many inspiring champions: Bill Gates, WHO Director General Margaret Chan, World Bank President Jim Kim, Unilever CEO Paul Polman, and others about whom you’ve heard in the preceding chapters.
You can join a rapidly expanding network of committed stakeholders from a wide range of organizations and sectors whose work cross political, professional, geographic, generational, cultural, and social boundaries.
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Support Advocacy

Global Citizen is a social action platform for a global generation that wants to tackle and solve the world’s biggest problems. You can join community mobilizing people of all ages around the world to fight the world’s biggest challenges, including poverty and pandemics.

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Sign the Pandemics Petition to urge G20 leaders to act together to keep the world safe.

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Stay Informed

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