The End of Epidemics

What can be done to stop the next killer virus from destroying millions of lives?

A new pandemic could kill more than 300 million people worldwide. It could also reduce global GDP by five to 10 percent – an impact equivalent to the financial crisis of 2008.

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The End of Epidemics

We can end epidemics with seven sets of concrete actions proven over a century of epidemic response

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January 24

Pete radiated wisdom and vision with warm and grace. He was a joy-giver always working for the best of those in ne…

December 11

Another dangerous excuse for not protecting our children with vaccine falls. Thank you Lavanya Vasudevan @GYamey.…

December 10

Let’s be clear: #EndAIDS as public health threat by 2030 achievable, affordable, hugely beneficial to all, as…

The End of Epidemics



The Looming Threat to Humanity and How to Stop It

Dr. Jonathan Quick, M.D. offers answers on the one of the most urgent questions of our time: How do we prevent the next global pandemic?

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